We Own Owner Representation

"OnQGlobal is working for us in the capacity of an owners representative at three of our campuses in North America and Asia. By allowing us to meet a critical need that we did not have time to grow organically within the company, OnQGlobal was able to step in and provide qualified individuals with the project management depth and experience we were looking for."                
          - Director, Data Center Construction & Delivery, Confidential Client

OnQGlobal utilizes its engineering expertise and project management prowess to serve as an extension of owners and their staff through everything from pre-construction to close-out phases to ensure successful completion.

Having executed multiple, high-quality projects across the nation, OnQ’s innovative methods exceed conventional project management firms and ensure the best results at the best value. Why? Because we believe in your company. It’s our livelihood to help you succeed.

This is what we're doing for some of the world's biggest data centers. We are their eyes and ears. We handle the construction side of the data centers builds so the client can focus on what they do best: organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

We Got This

OnQ Construction Management can plan, coordinate, and control your project from start to finish. OnQ aims to exceed your project requirements by delivering a functionally and financially viable project. Before the execution phase of your project is allowed to proceed, our experienced, knowledgable project managers ensure a balanced scope, precise schedule, and budget project triangle.

OnQGlobal's construction management approach relies on our experienced team members partnering with your current project team.  We bring our expertise in planning and pre-construction services to the table:

  • Scope Development
  • Long Lead and Early Works Package Development
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Execution Planning
  • CPM Scheduling

The OnQ team employs a systematic CM process; this process uses various controls and procedures to allow the design consultant maximum creativity within the budgetary constraints and programmatic objectives. For example, at the appropriate place during the design process, OnQ will employ value engineering to avoid costly sacrifices after design completion. We create a climate during construction that gives the contractor a sense of accountability and safeguards the commitment of the contractor's highest level of attention and resources.

During the construction process, OnQGlobal will make certain all construction is in full conformance with the contract documents developed during the pre-construction phase. For change control and document management, we stay one step ahead in the field through detailed work flows. OnQGlobal's standard operating procedures for our field staff ensures consistency and predictability for:

  • Labor Resources
  • Safety
  • Site Logistics
  • Housekeeping 

It is OnQ's responsibility to monitor every detail of the contractor's work, oversee safety and clean work practices,  and suspend any work that might endanger anyone's safety, or potentially impact an operating facility.

Your Facility Our Expertise

ONQ Global supports the manufacturing industry, data centers, and chemical plants 

  • Design programming, also known as architectural programming, is the process of researching and making decisions to identify the scope of a design project

  • Modeling criteria are used to develop future-state scenarios for space, power, cooling, and redundancy to eliminate shutdowns for expansions.

  • Design recommendations are the optimal technology infrastructure that is identified and planning criteria are developed, such as critical power capacities, overall facility water and power requirements.

  • Value engineering addressing process, mechanical and electrical systems where it makes economical sense without sacrificing redundancy, quality, and control.

  • Modularity and flexibility are key elements in allowing for facility growth and adaptability over time. We look at ways to modularize and compartmentalize similar scopes that can be be pre-engineered and fabricated off site and delivered "turn-key" thereby saving on costly site labor hours.

Let's Get Technical

OnQ Technical Services provides expertise and input to help organizations make strategic decisions and systems integrations. OnQ technical consulting  services provides guidance and expertise in the application of technology. 

OnQ Technical Services include:

  • Material Selection
  • Vendor scope analysis
  • Viability and qualification
  • CPM project scheduling & integration
  • Earned value audits
  • FMEA (failure modes effects analysis), what-if scenarios
  • Leed AP / Green Building
  • Migrating existing technology to a new environment
  • Integrating new technology into existing technology

Examples of technical consulting services:

  • High purity component selection and specification
  • Manage and consult on any issues or questions regarding the implementation of network topology for production, controls, and security networks
  • Coordination between the general contractor, electrical contractor, and owner to facilitate the installation and implementation of the owner’s standards for all extra low voltage electrical systems
  • For Data Centers: selecting a new data center location, consolidation, virtualization,  automation, redesigning data centers for cloud computing, implementing storage arrays, or incorporating offsite storage services into an existing network.

Going from good to great

Process Improvement is proactive. OnQ identifies, analyzes, and improves an organization’s existing processes to enhance and meet standards of quality, or new quotas. We take a systematic approach. At OnQ, we understand there are multiple approaches to process improvement. Sometimes we come across lean manufacturing or benchmarking, each requiring a unique focus, separate areas for improvement, and multiple methods to accomplish first-rate results. Some processes can be eliminated or modified with sub-processes for successful improvement.

As an ongoing practice, process improvement needs consistent analysis and follow-up. Here’s how we measure the results and success of our process improvement plans:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Quality
  • Development of Employee Skills
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increased Profit
  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

We Add A Little Personnel-ity To Each Project

At OnQGlobal, we augment and fill the vacant roles of a project with high-quality candidates. If you don't know of a viable candidate to fill an empty role, we jump in to manage individual specialty scopes within the project. We can fill slots for hazardous chemical and gases project managers, Quality Assurance & Quality Control managers, etc.

OnQ’s goal is to properly staff each project. The unique outsourcing game plan of Staff Augmentation allows us to respond to all business and project goals. We do a thorough assessment of the Construction Manager & General Contractor staffing plan to determine where gaps in headcount or skill sets need to be filled. We also seek slots where multiple junior positions can be consolidated into one strong lead position; this way, we save money in the project's overall staffing costs.