High-Tech. We Can't Live Without It.

OnQ specializes in high-tech and large-scale industrial, semi-conductor, cleanrooms, hazardous chemical and gas construction, ultra-high purity, ultra-pure water, waste water treatment, and extensive MEP projects for some of the most advanced, technological fields. We serve a multitude of industries: 

  • Semiconductor
  • Bio Pharm
  • Telecommunications
  • Solar

Technology is what we do; it's what we live for. No matter what the size of your project is, or the type of industry you're in, OnQ delivers in any high-tech sector. 

The House That Technology Built

OnQGlobal manages the builds of Data Centers to house your most important technological components: computer systems, telecommunications, and digital storage systems. Imagine walking into the home of a large family - something out of the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours -  to see every inch of the place perfectly clean, and well-organized. Impossible, right? Well, when OnQ manages the build of a Data Center, that’s exactly what you’ll get - a clean, well-organized home of redundant power supplies, backup data communications connections, security devices, and environmental controls like air conditioning and fire suppression. 

OnQGlobal can handle Data Centers of any size. OnQ coordinates with Engineering and Design disciplines to ensure that everything is well-designed and remarkably organized.

More Power, Less Emissions

Major projects place enormous pressure on our environment. The power needed to run certain facilities continues to climb as daily needs skyrocket. Sustainable facilities managed by OnQ help alleviate environmental pressure.

OnQ is a leader in sustainable innovation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to manage large-scale, eco-friendly, sustainable projects:

  • Solar Panel Manufacturing
  • Battery Production Facilities

We don’t manage the production of sustainable facilities to save money; we manage the production of sustainable facilities because it’s the right thing to do.