Expert Commissioning Services from OnQGlobal

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OnQGlobal Cx offers our clients a program of quality assurance, documentation, testing, and verification activities specifically performed to ensure the finished facility operates as intended. As an owner’s representative, we act as the owner’s objective, independent advocate. OnQGlobal Cx utilizes an integrated approach that holds the subcontractor accountable for start-up and initial commissioning activities, and the responsibility for oversight, verification, and acceptance on the CxA (commissioning authority). 

OnQGlobal Cx can tailor services to meet the specific needs of each project, either acting as the overall CxA on owner’s projects or providing resources to augment the commissioning team on projects where the owner is the acting CxA. Our experienced commissioning team aims to serve as the overall quality assurance program for the functional success of the project. Through our processes, we attempt to run equipment at the operating limits or slightly above, attempting to break whatever is prone to failure and discover whatever design and installation errors exist before handover to the owner.


We believe the implementation of OnQGlobal Cx early in the design phase adds the most value to your project. With our team of experts, we lead comprehensive design reviews with in depth focus on mechanical, electrical, and process control systems to ensure the commission-ability of the systems. We check interfaces with other building systems and verify that the construction documents will provide the contractors with all the information required to effectively bid, construct, and commission the building. We employ easy to use electronic collaboration apps such as CxAlloyBIM360, and Latista that allow easy capturing of issues, checklists, and preliminary test procedures that are communicated to all team members.

During the construction phase, we provide additional system experts and advance the electronic collaboration application with focus on system verification, documentation of field issues, and reporting. Issues are documented and appear real time on the appropriate team member’s tablet or mobile device for resolution. Our team witnesses and accepts the operational acceptance testing with the subcontractors, and then leads the functional acceptance testing and training of the owner’s operation staff. We ensure facility performance while meeting our building owners’ expectations and advocating for you.