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John Holtz
Managing Member

Budget conscious plant management professional with 18 years of experience in the high-tech industry directing, managing and delivering complex multi-million dollar projects on-time.

Expert in planning, design, and execution of complex projects using design-build contracts with a stellar reputation for quality control management, safety leadership, and project controls. Mr. Holtz utilizes his experience to successfully plan and manage projects, identifying bottle necks and maximizing throughput, that keep projects on-track and within budget.

Familiar with plant utility MEP intensive projects, particularly ultra-pure water, bulk and specialty gas delivery, bulk chemical delivery, and waste systems. A results oriented leader that understands the value of teamwork, team building, communication and the dynamics of collaborating within diverse project teams to achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Holtz is experienced in finding solutions for complex problems while maintaining stakeholder values. 

  • Co-founder OnQueue LLC, 2012. Construction Manager / Design-Builder
  • VOCUS / Engineered Machinery Inc. (Merger), 2010 – 2012
  • Integration & Operations
  • Owner VOCUS Corp., 2006 -2010
  • High Purity Semiconductor Chemical, Gas, and Vacuum Equipment / Assemblies
  • Celerity Group (Merger), 2001 – 2003 Integration & Business Unit Manager High Purity Semiconductor Chemical and Gas Contract Manufacturing
  • Owner Poly Concepts, Inc., 1995 - 2001 High Purity Semiconductor Chemical Equipment and Assemblies

Owner – VOCUS Corp.

Designer and Manufacturer of High Purity Chemical, Gas and Vacuum equipment and assemblies. Privately owned and internally funded the development of proprietary, private labeled and contract manufactured products. Key customers included OEMs, End Users and Commodity manufacturers. Implemented ISO9001:2000 in five months. Achieve preferred supplier status with several OEMs within first 12 months of start-up. Key focus on quality and design for manufacturability.

Owner – Poly Concepts, Inc.

1995 start-up that grew from 2 employees to 119 with annual revenues approaching $23M. As CEO, managed product development, customer expectations and supplier relationships with a high level of integrity. Focused on long term solutions for customer requirements while preserving the need for product evolution, cost reduction and increased performance. Merged with Kinetics Fluid Systems, (KFS) to create Celerity Group.